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Looking for Career Enhancing ideas?
How about 101 Ideas?

Looking for Career Enhancing ideas? How about 101 Ideas?

You + Soft Skills = Success and Peace at Work

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"The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.”Theodore Roosevelt

The problem is others around you do not always have soft skills. This makes YOUR ability to get along with others even more important. When it comes to people management you MUST lead the way.

Let me teach you the soft skills you need. Conflict resolution strategies, emotional intelligence, dealing with difficult people, effective communication - all of the tools you need to build successful working relationships and keep the peace. A peaceful team is a high performing team.

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Conflict Resolution and YOU

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With Mitigate Yourself: What to Do When the Risk is YOU

You will have the skills and techniques to successfully navigate the human side of the project world. You will have peace of mind as you deal with difficult situations at work. You will have strong project relationships, you will have success.

To Your Peace,

Margaret Meloni



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