Bodhicitta, Bodhisattva, and Helping Others

Bodhisatta or Bodhisattva is a term often used to describe an enlightened individual who possesses wisdom and compassion. These are people who demonstrate the paramitas or perfections in their lifestyle. We says this as a compliment, a form of admiration.

 The definition of Bodhisattva extends beyond being a beacon of relief in a world of suffering, especially when considering the term across the three major ways of being Buddhist – Theravāda, Mahāyana, and Vajrayāna. However, we won’t explore a full-scale exposition of what Bodhisattva signifies in these varied paths of Buddhism this time around. Instead, we ponder, how fully developed does one need to be in order to help others with their suffering?

 Are all those who help others deal with their suffering Bodhisattvas? Must one wait to embark on the noble journey of aiding others in their suffering?

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