Reiki, Buddhism, and Impermanence

If you want to get to know Reiki beyond the concept of energy healing. If you wonder what Reiki has to do with Buddhism, this is a great place to start.
Why is a discussion about Reiki on the Death Dhamma podcast? It is all about healing. And as we work with love, loss, attachment, and impermanence.
You know, all the emotions we feel! We look to our Buddhist practice for guidance.

Season 2 Experiences Impermanence

The ability to accept impermanence is what allows us to live peacefully. Sometimes before coming to that place of acceptance, we deal with attachment. We wanted things to be different. And attachment and stories and examples of attachment will be discussed in season 3.

Let Clinging Be Your Teacher

There are many lessons for you in what you hang on to and what you push away. These are not simply lessons about our relationship with our loved ones. They are lessons about our relationship with ourselves and with life itself.

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