Ratnadevi – Imagine Moving Forward

So many of us are in a state of grief, that we can say that there is a universal element to this pain.

Yes, we got a little dark. We did not leave it there. So do not be afraid to listen, because we did discuss the role of hope. And of moving forward.

Ratnadevi left us with a reminder to imagine deep compassion, that welcomes the sorrow. And to consider what the world would be like if it were to be covered in this all-encompassing compassion. The way to help create this world full of compassion. Go forward in the best way that you can. Find small achievable steps and take action.

Hector Marcel: A Reluctant, Rebellious Buddhist.

During our time together, in his purposeful and skillful way, Hector teaches me about the importance of bliss, walks me through emptiness, and reminds me of the importance of karma and intention. He is such a warm and caring example of what happens when you study Buddhism with your heart and your mind.

Lessons Learned from Sukhema: The Usefulness of Ritual

Many of us, perhaps most of us need rituals in our lives. We use rituals to mark occasions of all types. And Sukhema uses poetry in his rituals, and perhaps it is reasonable to say that poetry can be a form of ritual. When we lose something or someone, ritual can help us to acknowledge the loss and let go of some of the things that we cling to.

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