Wendy Block: Make Anicca Your Friend

And meditation and mindfulness of impermanence are both important. To really KNOW is to know suffering. And no self. Wendy explains that impermanence, suffering, and no self are really the three rings of the existence that we swim in. Or the existence that we can be stuck in.

Lessons Learned from Jim Ringel: What to See Here?

A lesson in Tibetan Buddhism wrapped inside a compelling story. And in that story, we see how challenging it is to be a human. Even if this is the optimal rebirth, and even if you are a Tibetan Lama, none of this is easy.  In my time with Jim, and in my time with his character Lama Rinzen, many thoughts have surfaced. What to focus on?

Ken Yamarashi: Cause and Effect is Operating in Your Life

In most of these traumatic experiences, it is impossible to talk to the other parties who were involved. What Ken teaches us during this episode is that the only place he can do the work is within his own mind.

These things have happened. This is a historical fact. The only thing that can change is the way he perceives now. You have to have a technique of letting go and the ability to tap into equanimity.

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