Coming in Season 4: Our Release from Suffering and the Path of Compassion

As we approach the end of season 3, Margaret finds herself reflecting on the lessons and challenges that come with planning a podcast. She realizes that there is an element of clinging involved in wanting to continue creating the podcast. However, she also acknowledges that if it is time to let go, then it is time to let go.

One of the attachments she has is the belief that she must be the sole creator of podcast ideas. This mindset stems from her tendency to work independently, which often leads to aversion when it comes to asking for help. It is a form of clinging to her own perception of self.

Despite the discussions, teachings, and personal reflections on clinging, craving, and aversion that we’ve explored in season 3, she finds herself still navigating these human tendencies

Recently, she had a realization that she didn’t have to figure everything out on her own. In a previous episode, she asked for input, and during a lunch with friends, she explained her dilemma. The conversation led to a suggestion: exploring Buddhist nonprofits and healing practitioners and how they help others find release from suffering. This idea resonated with Margaret,  as it aligns with the theme of overcoming attachment and finding liberation.

In this upcoming season 4, Margaret will lead the way and dive into the lives and practices of those who dedicate themselves to helping others alleviate suffering. She will explore different perspectives, such as the bodhisattva path of self-sacrifice and the belief that one’s own practice and release from suffering should come first. However, it is important to note that these views are not necessarily opposing; rather, they can coexist. She will also discuss the importance of compassion towards us and others throughout our own personal journeys.

Before we officially wrap up season 3, there is one more interview lined up, where our guest will share her experiences with attachment and how she has dealt with loss. After that, we will take a hiatus with a special episode in October, November, and December.

But fear not, as the Death Dhamma podcast will return with season 4 in January.  You are invited to send your requests and suggestions for topics and individuals you would like to hear from.

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