Death with a Little “d” on the Love Your Story Podcast

It was an honor to speak about impermanence with Lori Lee on her Love Your Story Podcast. Where Lori, helps to elicit what I mean by death with a little “d.”

In season 2 of the Death Dhamma Podcast, the focus is on death with a little d. – the impermanence of all things and with the ability to accept that impermanence we increase the ability to create less painful life stories. We consider how to navigate the inevitability of change today.

Lori and I  discuss ideas like:

  • How I came to study and talk about death.
  • What is death with a little “d”?
  • The idea of impermanence. How do you define it? What does it look like in our lives? How do we accept it?

And we share our own experiences with impermanence and how to train for the big “D” by using our everyday disappointments.

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