Dying to Help Others

In this episode, we consider Simon Boaz and his perspective as he faces his impending death. He shares his perspective on life and the importance of appreciating the experiences we have had, rather than focusing on what is missing. While not specifically a Buddhist, his outlook aligns with some Buddhist teachings. Specifically encouraging us to make good use of our human life and recognize the gift that it is. He acknowledges the letdown of the medical process in his situation but refuses to live with blame and anger, knowing that it will only serve to make his remaining time more difficult.

Drawing from his letter, ‘A Beginners Guide to Death,’  we learn that he expresses gratitude for the support and compassion he has received from loved ones and strangers alike. He reflects on the accomplishments and adventures he has had throughout his life, emphasizing that it’s not about the length of time lived, but the quality of the moments experienced. Carpe diem, seize the day and enjoy the small ways in which we can bring happiness to others.

He also shares his belief in the existence of something beyond this life, stating that what will truly survive of us is love. While he acknowledges that we don’t know for certain what comes next, he finds it unlikely that our existence is simply a fleeting blip between eternities of nothingness. He emphasizes the incredible luck and improbable circumstances that have brought each of us into existence, comparing it to winning the jackpot every day.

Ultimately, his words encourage us to reflect on our own lives, appreciate the joys and love experienced, and find gratitude for the opportunity to have lived at all. It serves as a reminder to make the most of our time and strive to bring happiness to others, embracing the uncertainty of what lies beyond with a sense of hope and wonder

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