Embracing Life Through the Lens of Dharma: Venerable Clear Grace’s Teachings

In this episode, Margaret is honored to host Venerable Clear Grace Dayananda, an ordained Buddhist monastic in both the Mahayana and Theravada traditions. Known as the “Traveling Nunk,” Venerable Clear Grace shares her experiences of living in the heart of New Orleans’ Seventh Ward, a historically significant black community. She describes the vibrancy and diversity of life in her urban surroundings, reflecting on the natural and human-made sounds that define her daily existence.

You can support her by visiting, https://travelingnunk.org/.

Venerable Clear Grace talks about her mission to offer refuge to those in need, sharing the power of dharma within her community. She discusses her plans to continue her travels once her roots are established in New Orleans and invites dharma friends worldwide to visit and experience the city’s rich culture and history.

Engaging in a deep conversation about the acceptance of the nature of things, Venerable Clear Grace elucidates the concepts of equanimity and the noble truth of suffering. She shares her perspective on perceiving all components of life, both pleasant and unpleasant, as a unified, intrinsic part of existence. She emphasizes the profound understanding of the origin and cessation of suffering, which, she believes, enriches the overall life experience.

This conversation provides a thought-provoking exploration of the intersections between urban living, spiritual practice, and community engagement. Tune in to learn more about Venerable Clear Grace’s journey and her teachings on embracing all aspects of life through the lens of dharma.

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