Francesca Arnoldy: Living Fully and Dying Prepared

Memento Mori-  A healthy way to remember that we are going to die. That doesn’t make it easy.

Join as Margaret Meloni and Francesca Arnoldy thoughtfully, joyfully, and peacefully discuss what it means to do the work. And how all of us can benefit from being prepared to face death.

This is a special between-season episode of The Deatth Dhamma podcast.

 If you are willing to do the work, then the Death Doula’s Guide to Living Fully and Dying Prepared will be your gentle guide. With thoughtful exercises and meaningful reflections, you can proceed at your own pace, and gain peace and perspective as you help yourself and others prepare for the end of life.

And please enjoy this gift from Francesca, an excerpt from the Death Doula’s Guide to Living Fully and Dying Prepared

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