Horses, Hounds, and Humans

Today we explore the deep, historical connection between humans and two of our most enduring companions – horses and dogs. We delve into the intricacies of how these magnificent creatures have shaped our evolution just as we have shaped theirs. From the wide-stretching plains where horses have galloped alongside us, to the edges of forests where dogs have keenly observed us- we uncover the deep-rooted bond that has formed over eons.

Horses and dogs have been there for us, in countless ways that continue to evolve. Now, let’s shine a light on how these wonderful creatures continue to give, as we explore the transformative world of horse and dog therapy. These animals play a crucial role in our journey towards healing and finding release from suffering.

Yet, we are compelled to remember that our growth and evolution has a profound impact on these creatures and the ecosystems they inhabit. As we evolve, so do they. As we benefit, so should they. Our mission is not just to explore our relationship with them but to understand how we can ensure their well-being, and avoid causing them harm.

Join us, as we explore the symbiotic relationship between humans, horses, and dogs. Tune in for a rich, insightful discussion that promises to be as educational as it is moving.

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