Journey to Finding Peace: Exploring Shamanic Practices and the Concept of the Dream

In this episode, Margaret reconnects with Mike Sanders, a shaman who shares his journey and experiences with Native American Indian practices. They discuss how different paths can lead to the same goal of finding peace and less suffering in life. Mike talks about his upbringing and how his Native American heritage influenced his decision to explore shamanism. He shares how he stumbled upon a book on shamanism that resonated with him and led him to practice Native American traditions.

Mike also discusses the challenges he faced in being accepted by the Native American community due to his appearance. He eventually embarked on a journey of self-discovery and training in shamanic practices, which gave him the confidence to develop his own ceremonies and practices that resonated with him.

The conversation then shifts to the topic of attachment and non-attachment. Margaret and Mike discuss their own experiences with attachment to beliefs and practices when starting their spiritual journeys. They talk about the importance of questioning and validating one’s beliefs and staying open to different perspectives.

Mike shares a story about the four challenges of wisdom, which include overcoming fear, validating clarity, using power wisely, and accepting one’s own mortality. He emphasizes that these challenges must be faced every day and that true wisdom requires constant work and self-reflection.

The episode concludes with a discussion of the concept of the dream in shamanism. Mike explains that the Toltecs believed that we dream when we sleep and when we awaken, we continue to dream. He introduces the agreements from the book “The Four Agreements” and how they relate to the concept of the dream, emphasizing the importance of not being affected by others’ opinions and actions, avoiding assumptions, clear communication, and always doing one’s best.

Overall, this episode provides insights into shamanic practices, the challenges of spiritual growth, and the concept of the dream in Native American traditions. Mike’s personal journey serves as an inspiration for listeners to explore their own paths to finding peace and less suffering in their lives.

Check out a TedX talk with Mike here:

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