Season 2 Experiences Impermanence

Season 2 of the DD podcast is coming to an end. Because – impermanence. You know it will not go on forever. That’s against what we have been discussing.

In the spirit of ‘rebirth,’ the podcast will continue in season 3.

The truth is that all of our experiences with impermanence are opportunities to deepen our practice – everything from the canceled lunch plans to the loss of a job, a hearing loss, or a relationship break up – each provides us with a learning experience – if we are open to that experience.

A common theme from our season 2 teachers was the ability to come to a place of acceptance around the impermanence in their lives. Each of them discussed ways his or her life did not go as anticipated. It might have been a broken engagement, a career derailment, a drastic change in life expectancy, the ability to have children, or the health of the children born to them, but nobody said, “My life has gone 100% as expected.” That’s not the human experience. Things change – always.

The ability to accept impermanence is what allows us to live peacefully. Sometimes before coming to that place of acceptance, we deal with attachment. We wanted things to be different. And attachment and stories and examples of attachment will be discussed in season 3.

Beginning January 2023, we will consider attachment.

Until then, you can expect a surprise episode or two and you can always keep in touch by visiting


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