Carpooling With Death: How Living With Death Will Make YOU, Stronger, Wiser And Fearless

Has anyone in your inner circle died?

  • Do you dread the day when a loved one will inevitably leave you behind?
  • ​​Are you afraid to bear the pain of losing a family member?
  • ​​Worried that you are not resilient enough to keep peace and joy in your life?
  • ​​Do you want to make the most of the time you still have together without any regrets?

Hear Margaret Introduce Carpooling with Death

Join us and let her introduce you to her friend, the Grim Reaper!


About the Author: Margaret Meloni

I’ve been there and it can feel overwhelming. There came a point in my life where I began to realize that the people I loved were going to start dying. My mother-in-law was in her nineties, my parents were approaching their eighties, and my husband had already outlived his father. I had already said goodbye to others. How could I handle losing the people who I loved the most? I started to think that death was stalking me. But as I learned to accept that the Grim Reaper was just doing his job, I began to accept him as part of my network. I found a way to make friends with death. Click here and learn more about Margaret and her journey as an author.

As my loved ones started to die, I knew that death is nothing personal and I opened my heart to death. So can you.

CarPooling with Death covers my journey to accept death as a part of life, the guidance I found through my Buddhist practice and the clarity I gained in understanding where to find support and how to recreate my new life. In This Book, You Will Discover:

  • Learn to acknowledge death as a partner who makes life more poignant.
  • Discover how to build happy memories in the face of death.
  • Learn how to use the key teachings of the Buddha to manage your grief.
  • Discover how other peoples attitudes about death impact their ability to support you in your time of need.
BookAuthority Best Dying Audiobooks of All Time
“Combining practical advice and spiritual insight, humor and heartbreak, Carpooling with Death is a much needed companion on this crazy ride of living and dying. Margaret Meloni has written a moving personal account of her journey with love and loss.”
Michaela Haas, PhD
author of Bouncing Forward and Dakini Power
“Carpooling with Death feels like reading a personal diary. And so it is. Author Margaret Meloni allows us to accompany her as she encounters death and impermanence throughout her life and ultimately finds that equanimity, compassion and lovingkindness help her recreate her own life.”
Sharon Salzberg
author of Lovingkindness and Real Happiness

This book is like having a best friend who knows the ropes, and is willing to share everything with you, so that you too will emerge from your time with death, stronger, wiser and fearless.

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