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You Don’t Have to Feel like You’re on Your Own Lonely Path. How About Some Support along the Way?

Sometimes you want support and encouragement at your own pace and on your own terms. I am here to support you as your ‘virtual’ coach and teacher.

If you learn better by learning and doing click here to visit my sister site, eLearning4PMs where I provide soft skills training which takes concepts from theory to reality.

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Project Inspiration: Quotes from the Human Side of Project Management

Here you will find 52 quotes and articles meant to inspire you, energize you and make you think. Use them to jumpstart your week or to inspire discussion with your team. The choice is yours.

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Mitigate Yourself: What to Do When the Risk is You

The MOST important risk assessment you will ever do is the one you do for yourself. Leading others without understanding yourself is like taking a trip with a destination but no map or directions. Let me take you through the process of mitigating your weaknesses and maximizing your strengths.

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How YOU Manage Conflict Defines You as a Professional

Surrounded by Conflict? No Problem! In this Audio Program you will learn the five steps you need to take to master the conflict around you.

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How YOU Manage Conflict Defines You as a Professional

Flexibility is the key to your success in conflict resolution.  In this 4-part Video Program, you will learn steps to take to increase your adaptability when faced with conflict.

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What is EQ and Why YOU Care
When you finish this audio program you will understand the components of Emotional Intelligence AND walk away with tools to help you boost your own EQ.

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Managing Up – The RIGHT behaviors get you the RIGHT results. Do you know what to do?

Some people just seem to know what to say and do to garner admiration, attention and more importantly rewards from their management; give yourself this edge.

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Recovering from Damaging Situations

You're human and part of being human means that one day you might do or say something in the workplace that damages your reputation. Use these SIX STEPS to restore your reputation and confidence when you have an ‘oops at the office’.

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Earn Your PDUs on the Beach or in the Gym.

The PDU Podcast is one of the most convenient and effective professional development opportunities for maintaining your credential. The PDU Podcast gives you the freedom to learn wherever you can take your portable media player.

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1.  What's YOUR Communication Style?

2. Left Behind: Navigating the workplace AFTER a layoff.

3.  Is it 5:00 Already? Accomplish more in LESS time.

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