Reflections on Impermanence

It’s season 2 of the Death Dhamma podcast, and we have already spoken with twelve wise teachers! Sound familiar? In season 1, interviews with twelve wise teachers led to the release of the book Sitting with Death: Buddhist Insights to Help You Face Your Fears and Live a Peaceful Life.

Will these interviews lead to another book? It is too soon to tell, but your thoughts about what you would like to learn more about or hear more of are greatly appreciated. You can send them to or leave comments where you download this podcast.

For now, your host, Margaret Meloni, is happy to share with you some of her reflections from conversations with our season 2 teachers. She is reminded that impermanence is not easy for any of us, we are all grieving something, and our approaches to handling it all are very similar. You might agree with her observations, or you might have other thoughts!

This is not the end of season 2, it’s just an opportunity for reflection and contemplation.

Thank you for being part of the Death Dhamma community.

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